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tv   Kino - KINO Special with Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2018 4:02am-4:15am CET

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how about furniture that grows on buying. a house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. trends tips and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with t.w. interior design channel on you tube. hello and a warm welcome for a very special edition of q. know today we focus on someone who know that directs no produces films he's not a screenwriter and he's not alexa but he has made a significant contribution to international film over the past two decades we have
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it takes we possibly the fanboy and director of the international film first because they can be the boss of the berlin wall for eighteen years but before we get down to chatting with peter let's take a look back at some of the highlights of the. costly years. the man in the red scarf and black hat festival director dieter conflict brought the stars to berlin screen legend catching dinners hollywood stars george clooney and even the rolling stones braved the icy berlin winter. opening night is a dog to success of the festival this is i'm actually moment for me because like also saw the valley now the red carpet as a political platform the film selected tackled the issues of our times head off in twenty fifteen the golden bear went to dissident iranian director just.
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a year later to fire it see a documentary about europe's migration crisis the. conflicts legacy is an audience festival where cinema goers rub shoulders with the stars in february twenty nine thousand help present this final festival tantra flecked on the conflict. and here he is mr himself the flamboyant director of the berlin international film festival we are here in the german film you see in the exhibition between the films every. the picture tells the story you've attracted of course many international stars to the festival over the years for example think there's george clooney charged clooney he was when i mean he made it the first five six years he was
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always here with a lot of films and he became really a friend of the festival and particularly this photo we have here i remember he had a broken leg and he came with a broken leg and he told me he was in the hotel b. the night before because you couldn't come to the opening night and he was looking as he opening ceremony and he thought it's pretty cool so i'm very happy to be here and down here we have. caprio yeah leonardo di caprio that was shutter island with scorsese the director and it was particularly interesting not a particularly interesting year it was a year where we had our sixty's and the worst agree and this is from the red carpets the photo but i got to know him. friday night when we had incredible screening of some. of mitropoulos of the restart which probably said twenty minutes
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long coming to mobilise you know he was a big fan or is a big fan of metropolis he told me he has an original poster at home. famous charles county are. you got to know you because essentially sauza is ten thousands of people came from all over or all his fans and it was one of the most gigantic red carpet actually it was go into the carpet in the in the nets and i was east was is from shanti orme and he came i mean people stayed here in the streets and slept in the streets i mean you really have it was february it was cold and all waiting for shah rukh khan and then. he came and he was just a hero he is completely. down to earth he's completely cool he's incredible frankly he's incredible. beautiful mind to do he said to his fans
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and he was walking up and down and creating and caressing and hacking of these people from all over the world in wheelchairs fans who states here for twenty four hours i couldn't believe it you see a lot of female stars here what was the role of women enjoying your time i see in it isabel you pair here a great big. i have to say we had a lot of women it's a not only as an actress also as presidents isabella was leaning tilda swinton and of course now streep their marriage was may be i don't know where everybody was excited those the marriage sleep and she she was never a missionary before it was the only time in her life. she had such a lot of fun and he had to and it was it was fantastic. who remember this wow i would love to have this to get the shine
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a light the rolling stones my god this is a big story. that's a big story but finally they have been there. and it was one of the big night for me too because i'm an old rock and roller and that was absolutely the top of the pop i could get. some tips for your own playing i brought my fan to stratocaster when i brought some interview ip room when they all came and i mean they would be sitting there and you know. make small talk and blah blah blah so i took it there was my guitar and we played a song. i'm sixty five or something. but we played together our one made sure if the other one was doing the crowd we have been loving so much that
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we slipped down from says so far and said ok perfect time is on our site and over here we see the picture from your early days as the director did you come with a vision of what i wanted to do bring back the german film. in my. time here it's a billion dollar we had all this german films in the competition and say won a lot of silver bells and one where i came here is fighting back in just a moment when he wanted to go to bed two thousand and four. far ahead on our. want and it was the sensation it was sensational it was a german film made by germany to the director lara rather television. teams and sheryl escaping from all over the world for the red carpet with the talent campus
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a lot of the graduates of telling campus are now coming back with their own film we didn't think about says it's a beginning but i mean now it's really. interesting said she is a long needs what records i'm normally ten ten percent of our films of the four hundred we show in one year ten percent are from a long lease as a director actor or producer a photographer i mean all type of artists so that's very rewarding and the same happens actually with another initiative world cinema front where we had a lot of success around so world in film festivals and also in bear we know like there's a theory. of larger loss was approaching possible cinema and so there's been a lot of successful initiatives. if you seize on but he had you can see cloud
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jealous happy even if you received four mil gazzara bear if you ever get in a depression are you i'm happy you should take a golden bear reaches around and just makes his photo of you and send you z. full of energy nobody pression just fantastic have fun and get the roses and gets a good. and i think it's one of the suppressed photos. why why not photos of you one of the best one is of me because it shows first unfortunately a famous president of us would say artist first so you see. the wonderful judy dench and you see me and if you know and you see me in i see a sensual thing which made me to the director which is i had a scarf and direct carpet. even if the world cup and i will miss it's photo and i mean in a way this could be
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a very last photo of me with somebody because it was my job to do sis. eighteen years. i don't think that i will mystery cup but i had enough red carpet and the red carpet for me was much more high park corner idea because people have been very outspoken also against the nasty politics and nasty politicians and wild things in the world my red carpet in brackets was a different red carpet and maybe i will miss this red carpet but i don't not miss the red carpet in general will be inviting some special friends to the last festival to help you take it home. or invite some friends but not do very special birthday party for me reduced to sixty nine. the usual as
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our usual festival and i sing like always so far what i can remember it's exciting enough. it's kosik thank you very much that's all we have time for on this special edition of keno we wish you all the best for the future if you have one last message for kuno founds around the world and for billion dollar fans in terms of your physical health it's really good if you continue to go into the cinema and not end up as a culture potato so just for the chip it's good cinema ok so that's all for this time and this time i won't say go easy on the popcorn because i know you don't like popcorn or don't and i'll popcorn and thank you much. see you next time . i'll pop gun on you paul. simon.
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